STEP SIX: Superstitions
Hellcrashers are a superstitious lot to be sure.  Each hellcrasher needs to select two superstitions in addition to The "H Word", which all crashers have.  Each player should have a total of three superstitions on their character sheet.  This does not mean they don't have many more, most do. These are the superstitions that are linked to your Fortune Points

Should you violate any of your three superstitions, you will lose some or all of you fortune points you have. Should you be out of fortune and violate one of your superstitions, there is no mechanical effect except the GM should try to have some bad luck hit in the very near future.

Flashlights running out of juice, finding you were sold the wrong caliber of bullets and getting lost would all be appropriate. As a note, being extra careful and double-checking everything to avoid such consequences is not only unfun for everyone else, but won't save your character from the whammy anyway. It will just force your GM to think up even nastier things to happen.  It is, however, understandable if you have the Obsessive insanity.

While one should not feel restrained to the examples listed here, when making up your own superstitions, use them as a guideline. 

  • Keep them vague and conceptually possible of tempting the character.  Taboos that rarely come up should be avoided at all costs. "Can't wear green on Thursday" would be a bad superstition.
  • Superstitions among crashers are not cutesy or whimsical. "I have to hug my kitty first" just wrecks the dramatic landscape.  Don't do it.
  • Avoid anachronisms.  Horseshoes are your grandpa's superstition.
  • There is no such thing as a superstition that makes you more badass. "I always gotta carry my Desert Eagle everywhere" isn't a superstition, it's a preference‚Ķthat goes under the Equipment section of the character sheet.
  • Don't take two of the same or nearly the same superstition.  Don't take two Lucky Charms or even Good Luck and Macbeth together.  Try to pick one that could happen to you and one that is an action you commit. 
  • Have fun with your superstitions and try to use them to develop your character.
  • Superstitions that only affect you Topside or off-camera are pretty pointless.  "I must ritually clean myself after going Down Under" is an excellent character quirk, but it won't really affect game play at all.

 Example Superstitions

The "H Word": Saying the word "Hell". A superstition held universally among the Hellcrasher community.
-1 Fortune Point

  • 3:00 AM: Every 3:00 AM if you are awake. -1 Fortune Point
  • Black Cats: Encountering a black cat or dog or something resembling one of them, even marginally. -1 Fortune Point
  • Breaking a Mirror: Breaking any surface used for reflection. - All Fortune Points.
  • Blue on Board: Having anything blue on any persons (not just yourself) while on a mission. -All Fortune Points
  • Death & Taxes: Going into Hell with any earthly debts. -All Fortune Points
  • Friday:  Every Friday. -1 Fortune Point
  • Killing a Ladybug: Killing any pretty animal or insect (ladybugs, butterflies, cardinal birds) that does not harm you or your possessions. -1 Fortune Point
  • Killing a Spider in Your Home: Killing anything that is of possible danger to you in your home or near where you slept last. -All Fortune Points 
  • Kosher: Consuming food or drink not prepared according to specific, traditional custom.  When crashing, one is assumed to have prepared his own rations, but losing his gear will be disastrous.  -All Fortune Points
  • Lucky Charm: Lose your lucky charm, even for a short while. Though you can have more than one lucky charm, you may only fill one superstition requirement with charms. -1 Fortune Point
  • Opening an Umbrella Indoors: Using or testing a device when there is little chance of it needing use in that environment (Rope, Guns, Flashlights, etc.) -1 Fortune Point
  • Pick Up a Penny Lying Face-Down: Moving anything set or left in an inverted position (Coins, Boxes, Corpses, etc.) -1 Fortune Point
  • Putting Shoes on a Table: Using anything designed for the preparation, display or consumption of food for any other purpose, even momentarily. -1 Fortune Point
  • "Good Luck": Any mention of luck. -1 Fortune Point
  • "Macbeth": Mentioning the name of someone who suffered terribly due to crashing or failing to perform some ritual (saying "God Rest Him" or making the sign of the Cross) when someone else mentions such a person. -1 Fortune Point
  • Magpie: Witnessing odd animal behavior or any omenic events (Eclipses, Comets, etc.) -1 Fortune Point
  • Mirror, Mirror:  Looking into a mirror or other reflective surface without making some ritualistic facial movement like smiling, showing teeth or sticking out your tongue. - All Fortune Points
  • Murderers Belong to Hell:  Accompanying a murderer into or out of Hell. This penalty applies immediately upon discovery of that mistake. -All Fortune Points
  • Only the Dead Owe Nothing:  Going into Hell with no earthly debts. - All Fortune Points
  • Sinistral: Using your left hand for any purpose other than cleaning oneself or tasks that can only be performed with two hands.  Tasks that can be performed better with two hands, but could be performed one-handed still incur a penalty. -1 Fortune Point
  • Spilling Salt: Ruining any commodity (Salt, Gunpowder, Water.) -1 Fortune Point.
  • Stepping on a Crack: Stepping on cracks or lines in the walking surface (one loss per new walking surface). -1 Fortune Point
  • Strike a Match Three Times: Attempting to use or activate any device or tool three or more times. -1 Fortune Point
  • The Number 13:  Encountering 13 (or 4 in some cultures), or larger numbers made up of them (1313, 44, etc.) -1 Fortune Point
  • Thirsty Blade:  Sheathing a weapon without first using it to draw blood.  (-1 Fortune Point)
  • Walking Under a Ladder: Walking beneath anything (including ceilings) with a reasonable potential to drop items or debris down. -1 Fortune Point

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