The Abraxian Project

"There is a God about whom you know nothing, because men have forgotten him. We call him by his name: Abraxas.”
—Carl Jung, Seven Sermons to the Dead

Metathesized from the Greek “Abrasax”, Abraxas is the name of a deity which predates the standard Judeo-Christian mythology. Whether this entity is fact or fiction, god or demon is unknown, though one man claims to be his Son. That man is Shitheel Christ, and his organization of nihilistic anarchists is know as the Abraxian Project. However, the history of the Abraxian Project actually predates the involvement of Shitheel Christ and certain information brokers find it convenient to refer to the organization as “BC” and “AC” to distinguish the two eras. This is primarily because no one really knows when Shitheel took over.

Abraxian Project, BC – Founded somewhere around 1974 by a group of ex-Mansonites, the original Abraxian Project was one of the many “California Cults” which emerged after the hippie era gave way to the Disco era. Their prophet, a man who called himself “The Honorable and Revered Platus Mondanus Maximus” but who went simply by “Max”, was a diagnosed schizophrenic with delusions of grandeur fresh out of the L.A. County Hospital, psych trauma ward. He extolled the virtues of tithing, polygamy, and abstention from “the evils of western medicine, particularly those of the skull-crackers”, but he was charismatic, beautiful, and extremely convincing. Through blood-letting and ritual scarification, his followers sought to create a gateway of the flesh which would allow the ancient god Abraxas to inhabit Max’s body and usher in a new era for mankind. Cult members wallowed in squalor, eschewing medical care while their self-inflicted wounds festered, tithing every dime they could beg, borrow, or steal to Max to fund “the glorious coming of the Abraxian Age”. Meanwhile Max, who had formerly fronted a short-lived but lucrative neo-acid rock quartet and developed a taste for luxury and adoration, lived a life of hotel suites, champagne, caviar, and high-class escorts.

But Max made enemies, and on Christmas Eve, 1991, he was found dead on the toilet in the Honeymoon suite at the L.A. Ritz Carlton hotel, naked, with a handle of a switchblade sticking out of his right eye. The murder was never solved, and speculation and conspiracy theories abounded. Convinced his death was a sign of a coming war between the forces of good and evil, Max’s high-priests (who knew about the money and knew about a certain group of underworld explorers called Hellcrashers) gathered an extraction team lead by a man known as Struggs. The team went in on a Sunday and was gone for six months.

What came out of the Pit with what remained of the crashing team was barely human and definitely did not look like Max.

Abraxian Project, AC – When “John Doe” had been released from L.A. General Hospital’s Burn and Trauma ward into the care of the Project’s remaining priesthood, he told the story of being rescued by Struggs and his group of miscreants in a place called Empty Breath. Referring to himself as “Shitheel Christ”, he proclaimed to be the son of Abraxas himself, a resurrection of Max after they were joined. Standing in front of the coterie, covered in gauze and Silvadine and looking for all the world like a fresh mummy, Shitheel said that during the joining he’d had a revelation – that just as Jesus Christ came to earth to supplant his father, so would the Project seek to overthrow Abraxas and set Shitheel on the throne. Considering that the two crashers who returned with Christ, Hobnail Jenkins and Bubba St. Germain, confirmed his story 100%, no one offered much resistance to the change of direction that Christ sought to bring to the Project.

One of the first of Shitheel’s new edicts was to clean house. The former high priests, who had apparently spent the prior six months spending every last penny from the Project’s coffers, were never heard from again, and Hobnail and Bubba were elevated to the cult’s highest ranks (some say so Shitheel could keep an eye on them). Things seemed to go well, but at some point around 1993, Hobnail came back from a crash asking questions. Shortly thereafter, he split with the Abraxians for good. Bubba originally put a price on Hobnail’s head, but Christ rescinded that reward, instead opting for a strict policy of “active forgetfulness”. Hobnail is not referenced, reminisced, or acknowledged in any way whatsoever, nor is reference to him permitted in Christ’s presence.

Bubba and Christ, however, continue to spearhead an esoteric campaign of terrorism and violence toward certain individuals and organizations. Shitheel has used his influence to secure the deeds to several derelict buildings in various urban areas and sends hand-picked Crasher teams to them on a semi-regular basis. Survivors from the teams are themselves indoctrinated into the Project, and the Abraxians have become perhaps the largest and most organized Crasher group in existence. Though recent events are rumored to have severely curtailed the Project’s resources, they are still a force to be reckoned with and derogatory reference to the Abraxians is not considered particularly wise.

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