The Factory

Type: Warehouse

Entrances: Three are generally known. Kells is a green barn door on an otherwise ordinary red barn outside Wayne, Nebraska. Bandy Grin is a metal fire exit door that appears to access some brownstone basement apartment in Green Bay, WI. The last one, Fairweather, is a wooden door set into a stone garden wall in Southlake, Texas. All three can only be opened by a hand completely covered in fresh, warm human blood.

Transit Access: Many. Most of the major transits touch the Factory and some of the more obscure ones as well, including the Banachian Docks, the Sallows, Egression and the Twilight Fens.

Citizens: In addition to the normal infernal qualities, citizens of the Factory, know as chattel, can feel their body parts even after they have been removed from the whole of the body. The chattel are the workforce, the management and the product of the Factory. A brutish, society has developed where only the treacherous and cunning can avoid the worst punishments.

Whips are souls that have earned some form of authority, which they use to electrically prod and taser the chattel on the lines and keep the lines moving. A convoluted system of favor and punishment controls the flow of every interaction among the chattel.

Shackles: It has been said that the Factory has an open door policy. There is some debate if there even are shackles in the Factory. Certainly a great deal of traffic occurs to and from the Factory. Some chattel (known as whips) act as shackles to other chattel, but anything more is difficult to determine.

Screws: The screws of the Factory are rarely seen. They are known as the Foremen or the Four Men since they are always seen together in a group of four. They are skinless, piece-meal creations of meat and bone, bound together in unique and creative ways. Some have four arms, others a head full of eyes, another might have spines running along both sides of its head. The Foremen usually move through the Factory barking orders and upholding the status quo and punishing the lazy or impudent. The Foremen can slip flesh from a body with the merest touch. People are like overripe bananas in their grip.

The Place: The Factory is a giant, chaotic warehouse with vast, rattling, oil-driven machines, conveyor belts and chattel stretching off to the horizon no matter how high one gets. The floors are coated in the wreched leavings of the grizzly Factory processes. There are walls and rooms slicing up the work floor in strange wholly inefficient ways.


Most new souls arrive by stock train. Bewildered and wide-eyed, they are herded into cages were they remain until selected for processing. When they have been selected, they are pulled out of the cage, hung on a large meat-hook where they dangle, screaming until a butcher is available. After pullers skin the chattel, a butcher chops, hacks and fillets the soul, filing various parts into labeled buckets. Once the chattel is whittled down to only a head and spinal column, they are thrown into the offal pit to feed off shit, clotted blood and rotting refuse meat. Within the offal pit, any injury will eventually heal by regeneration. The healing is dependant on how much the chattel can manage to eat. They remain within it until they have reformed enough to climb from the pit themselves. In the pit, they must compete with, other, more formed souls and Abattoir-wyrms. The process usually takes several months.

Once they soul climbs from the pit, they are claimed by a whip to work the lines. On the lines, the chattel manipulate the parts as they come by on the conveyor belts. Some just remove a specific muscle from the whole, some crack bone, some cut delicate groves in a bone and others might wrap a part in fine wire, just so. The farther from the slaughter, the more precise and exacting the manipulations become. The final product is different on every line, but they are generally highly complex, esoteric devices obviously constructed from the tissues of the recently dead.

These products are then boxed and shipped off to other hells where the souls from which they are constructed can no longer feel them…sometimes. Many hypotheses exist as to what these devices are and do. There are two crashers know to have secured these highly-guarded objects back to Topside. Mikael Flint collected a bone, brass and tendon device about the size of a typewriter. He claimed it was able to murmur the secret desires of anyone within a few hundred feet, although he only used it to spy on his trailer park. He is currently in prison on a life sentence for the murder of an unidentified, mutilated child found in his bathtub. He claims she just "showed up one day and told him what to do." The other is supposedly in the possession of the Three Eyed Man, but his story has changed several times.

Through obedience, treachery and diligence, some chattel are selected to rise to the position of whip. Whips direct the ebbs and flows of processing, punish lethargic line workers, track down runaways (within the Factory) and most importantly, accept bribes from Hellcrashers. They are actual people and have interests familiar to any human, though twisted through their time in the Factory. Whips are notoriously treacherous and spiteful, but can be reasonable as long as they believe they are getting a good deal. Whips are equipped with taser guns, cattle prods and actual bullwhips.

Landmarks: The Offal Pit, The Locker, The Charnel Sum

Screws of the Factory
Education 3, Brawn 3 (Tough), Perception 3 (Notice), Reflex 3, Resolve 4, Technology 5 (Mechanics),
Weapons: Degloving Touch Dam x6

The first time an individual accepts a Moderate Injury from a Foremen attack, the injury is not rolled, but Open Wound instead.
The first time an individual accepts a Severe Injury from a Foremen attack, the injury is not rolled, but Disgusting Scar instead.
Bruised 10, Battered 15, Dying 25

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