The Girl From Singapore

No one knows what the Girl From Singapore is. Up close, she doesn't even look that human. Her skin is too smooth and her actual legs and hands are like and eel's body, without bones and joints which she conceals within prosthetics. She does not eat or sleep and she was found by a now-defunct team from Narosec. It is believed to be proven beyond a shadow of doubt that demons, screws and shackles cannot physically come topside. Still, here she is.

The Girl From Singapore came topside a blank slate, originally unable to understand English. She offers no resistance to abuse or violence. She seems to feel no pain and heals superhumanly fast. She has never expressed an opinion. What she can do is beautiful works of art. Painting, sculpture, drawing, graffiti, tattoos: she creates beautiful art whatever the medium.

At first she was simply passed around, sold and traded as a sex doll that could cook. When left on her own, she created art with anything around her. She was left without food and water by the Saffron twins when they disappeared. They found the Girl From Singapore a year later.

She had transformed the entire three bedroom ranch home into a work of art. The wall had been carved with sculptural murals of damnation in drywall, ceilings painted and glued with mosaics, the furniture had been destroyed and transformed into gorgeous sculptures and tools to make more art. It was a wonder and it was burned by secretive crashers.

Currently, the Girl From Singapore is in the possession of Dough Boy Roy, who treats her like a person and has convinced himself that the Girl From Singapore gives him consent in their sexual relationship. He tells his mom that they are married and is constantly trying to get the Girl's artwork shown in fine galleries. Through the politics of the art world, as he is keen to believe, or his own repugnant countenance and personal skills as her "manager", she has not yet garnered any real attention.

He does hire out her services, usually tattoos or portraits to crashers, but fears the day when someone will try to steal away the love of his life.

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