The Howling Corridor

Type: Transit

Entrance: No cherries have ever been found or even theorized.

Connections: Many entrances in other domains have been found, including Basilica, Be’YT, Bulgone, Dust, the Factory, Lash, the Lonely Woods and the Oubliette. Almost all such entrances are very difficult to find on accident from outside the Corridor and always locked in some way. Forced entry is required. These doors are quite obvious from within the Corridor itself.

The Place: The Howling Corridor is a well documented place among crashers. The corridor is 48 feet wide at its widest and shrinks to 5 ½ feet wide at its most narrow. Its ceiling reaches almost 171 feet high at its highest and is 44 miles long. The Howling Corridor is a hallway with thousands of locked doors reaching into hundreds of demesnes and has a rich history among crashers.

The Corridor is decorated with amazingly diverse commemoration. Memorials to unknown persons seems to be the sole purpose of the Corridor. These memorials never denote who is being honored except by representation (or actual interment) and the representations are unidentifiable skeletons. Vast skeletal statues, over a hundred feet tall, stand silently glaring down and making the walls of one part of the Howling Corridor. In another, desiccated fetal mummies are stacked in elaborate reliquaries. Derelict ossuaries of vast creatures give way to posed soldier-corpses bowing their heads in inexplicable reverence give way to meticulous and blasphemous sepulchers of domesticated animals. There is one display where the honored dead are known. This is the crasher mausoleum.

Some areas of the Howling Corridor are clean and obviously cared for and others quite neglected. Despite most crashers reluctance to tempt bad luck, the Corridor has collected a fair amount of detritus from years of crashing. Graffiti and lewd scrawlings of many languages cover some walls and vandalism is common. Billy Tombs set up a motion sensor Polaroid camera on a tripod to snap a picture of any passing person in the crasher mausoleum. Nearly 50 pictures have been taped on the wall opposite the tripod, but someone has since stolen the camera.

Distant, faint howling can be heard if one listens intently. Some say these are obviously human, others disagree. The Howling Corridor is cared for in some way. It is known that some crashers care for the Corridor in some minor way and some claim this is the only custodial presence, others claim there are demons that loathe the presence of souls slowly minding the memorials.

Many interesting observations about the Howling Corridor have been made and recorded over the years suggesting it is a wholly special and unique place among all demesnes. Screws and shackles have been recorded entering the Howling Corridor and crumbling to dust instantly. Also, many scavenged objects do likewise. A magnetic North can be accurately and consistently detected. The Howling Corridor is radioactive. Not enough to harm you quickly, but enough that knowledgeable persons have suggested one should “avoid lingering”.

Citizens: There are no citizens of the Howling Corridor.

Authority: The Howling Corridor has no know authority, though distant voices are often heard and there is evidence of some sort of custodial presence, despite the fact such a presence has never been encountered.

Costs: The Howling Corridor has no known costs for its use, however, it is a well known “fact” that lone travelers vanish without a trace in the Corridor. It is also “known” that if an entire group falls asleep with the corridor, one will disappear forever as payment. There are a growing number of crashers that care for the Corridor in minor ways and feel “respect” is the cost one should afford the Corridor, but no repercussions have been witnessed when one fails to do so.

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