The One That Got Away

The One That Got Away is the code name for an Östermann Account open since 1996. Scratch that. This is the Östermann Account. Diedre herself issued the account and has money ready at hand with several big name brokers throughout several countries. The target is widely believed to be the Deidre's son or husband, though some believe it is a male reincarnation of the lady herself.

The One That Got Away hit the community like a tidal wave. The bounty was stunning. Every crasher working and several that had retired donned gas masks, climbing picks and shotguns for the chance to retire in splendor. The Third Great Raid started off on January 6th. Nearly a quarter of the crashers were lost in the raid, including several killed by fellow crashers over the target and none came back with the target in tow. Three groups retained possession of the the target as they crossed five domains, finally losing him in the Shuddering Storm. January 6th is still celebrated as a day of remembrance among crashers.

Since that time, The One That Got Away has become a sort of patron saint of crashing. Nearly all crashers believe at some time in their careers that they have spotted him or talked to him or captured him briefly. Some say he visits them in their dreams when they sleep on a crash. Other say he visits their dreams Topside. Most admit to praying to him when shit got heavy. Whatever The One That Got Away actually is, he is considered an omen of good luck and blessing and anecdotes of his auspiciousness are commonplace. The Girl From Singapore makes medallions of him standing midway on a set of ascending stairs, as he is seen in dreams. Nearly every crasher carries one.

Young crashers boast about how they will spend the money from finally bringing the One That Got Away in, while veteran crashers shake their heads in amusement.

The One That Got Away
To you now I do pray
I need my life
I need my pay
Please save my ass today

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