The Paperboy

The Paperboy was caught in the Shuddering Storm and pigment of his skin washed out in a excruciating process over a two week span. He is very sensitive about it, but claims he can prove that the Devil is racist now. He is also not joyous about his moniker, but he can't drop it because it's tied to his business

Paperboy no longer crashes, but handles transportation. He inherited a junkyard when his uncle was found in pieces all around town. He also inherited a Winnebago, a commercial security truck a decommissioned city bus and an ambulance. Each one has proven invaluable to teams hiring the Paperboy.

He makes sure cars are waiting by this door or that or he preps an exit cherry for quick extraction and first aid or simply to protect the crashers when they get topside with a valuable asset. His crew, made up of himself, his three brothers and two cousins have become known as the first delivery experts in the crashing world.

Being a delivery boy may not seem a job that requires expertise, but on one delivery the Paperboy crew was required to repel two robbery attempts, one involving a shootout in broad daylight while the package remained in the visual presence of "earnest masturbation". Thanks to the Paperboy's leadership, Roland's driving, Wallace's shooting and the heroic, but strange efforts of his cousin Suddy, the Paperboy crew delivered the package two hours early and without a scratch.

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