The Partisan

"God is all knowing. God is all powerful. He made you knowing that you would desperately masturbate with your own sister's panties held to your fevered nostrils. He made you knowing you stare into the toilet bowl before you flush. He made you knowing you would hate the weak, the meek, the incomplete. You do not have a will of your own. God made you without any hope of independence. Your own will is an illusion; propagated by his puppet clergy in their cities of gold and blood idols.

This whole shitty world is nothing but His will. Look around you. You see the shit and filth seeping in each crack. Each fecal nuance was lovingly placed there by an exacting tyrant that made us for His amusement. Each lamentation is for His musical ear. Each starving babe, an image for His mansion's gallery. There is no free will within His view. There is nothing but rote subservience.

But there is a place where He does not see. There is a place He left behind. A place His hand cannot defile, because it is defiled utterly. A place of our making, Man's making. We have poured our fears and trembling lusts into the fiber of this world and wrought it into our own image. Here lies the key to our reality. Here flies the spirit of Grave Discovery! Here cries the answer to our freedom!

We say no to your mad God! We say the time has come to show this reality that it need not be shackled to the feeble plans of True Tyrant! WE DEMAND DEMOCRACY OF MIND AND SPIRIT AND REALITY ITSELF! We cannot be threatened for we have seen the worst of everything and embrace it wholly. We are free and so shall we make you. This we promise. We will bring you the Fruit of the Tree of Life! We will bring you the Promethean Fire! We will bring you HELL ON EARTH!"

The Manifesto of the Democratic Liberation Front of Mankind
as printed in the Partisan October 9th, 1997

The Partisan has been an anarchist for a long time. His particular brand of political expression used to focus on reckless explosive vandalism until he found God. Rather he found a place where God definitely wasn't and did the math.

You see, the Partisan left a bomb in a neglected room of an old factory. The factory had been Nazi-owned once and was being used to exploit the labor and resources of third world nations for the luxuries of the first world. The symbolism was perfect, but the bomb just didn't go off and no one found it. A week later, the Partisan re-entered the factory room to find out why. He found the room wasn't in the factory, but in another place altogether

Since his discovery, the Partisan has determined that the Bad Place is the only place where human will can modify reality. Clearly the different domains represent different fears and weaknesses of the psychic collective. The Partisan wants to bring a new vision of reality that can be human-made and be a true utopia. He brings as much of the infernal as he can to topside and as much of the topside to the Lower Democracy as well.

The Partisan is an athletic man in his early 50s. He has little concern for grooming or hygiene, but affects a red beret, matching shorts and Kevlar vest no matter the season. A wound incurred from a short fused bomb in the early 90s cost him some control of his left leg, for which he carries a cane to compensate. He still has a thick French accent, but will explode into screaming rants if accused of being French. His dearest friend and co-conspirator is Vinnie Vermillion whose theater has played a key role in several DLFM plots.

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