The Rubber Raincoat Man

The Rubber Raincoat Man is a director, videographer and pornographer. He works often with both Azrael Scheiss and Crotch Dubard. His films have taken a turn for the darker and more obscure since he started crashing. He now has produced two pornographic movies filmed entirely in the the Cellar. The longest, shot in Dust, is 12 minutes long and interrupted quite horribly.

The Rubber Raincoat Man openly admits to replacing his genitalia with a meat and bone demon cock that acts as a dowsing rod for any screw with an orifice. He also has a taken it upon himself to archive what the Gumper and Legend do not: a videographic record of the crashing community itself. He has set up motion sensor camcorders and cameras in the Howling Corridor (one of the only places they seem to stay.

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