The Silent Wolf

At the center of the cancerous expanse known as the Crossroads within the Lonely Woods, where the trees grow thin and the moans of the Lonely are distant, where the Skinnies won't go and the Crows don't congregate, under the orange-sodium glow of the one functioning street light, lairs the Silent Wolf.

Silent Wolf is the Queen of the Crossroads, and she deals in information. An ashen-pale lupine predator the size of an SUV and ghastly to behold, Silent Wolf has a pair of oozing abscesses the size of manhole covers in place of eyes, but her ears are so sharp that he can hear thoughts, communicating via a form of soft, slithering telepathy. She can be summoned to the Surface, but she prefers to deal with 'crashers whom she can eat if she desires.

Silent Wolf knows the secret location of many things in Hell, as well as how to use the many Pits of Lonely-Wood and where any Cheney's Dearly Departed might be found within his borders - she will trade his knowledge or a portion of her power to 'crashers who bring her secrets or prey that she may hunt.

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