The Sultan of Whispers

A gaunt being of burst locust shells and rusted clockwork that dwells within a shattered citadel surrounded by a halo of broken razorwire. Climbing through the fields of half-buried loops of blades and into the haunted keep is difficult even when the winds are down - during sandstorms, it is tantamount to suicide. The Sultan famously despises the damned of this hell, and it is their choked rattling, caught and wrapped into his coiling "fence", that gives the place its name.

The sundered interior is always occupied by the howling of the winds and great tides of sand up and down the many hallways, but the Sultan otherwise lives totally alone - and occasionally leaves the Whispering Palace for other, unknown places. The Palace acts as a respite from the Fevered Eye, however, and the Sultan can offer the gracious and gift-giving traveler a cool, dark room to sleep in, appointed finely with rotting silks and crumbling flowers in cracked urns devoid of water.

However, the Sultan loves the company of the living, and is well-capable of many astonishing mystical feats, including subtle manipulation of otherwise random events in the Real World. Among those who know, it is said that he is the source for many Hatchetmen's intangible blessings - as well as the archetype of many Trickster
Gods. The Sultan of Whispers will deal in coincidence, happenstance and fortune with any who approach him, but his prices are very high.

The Sultan can, with a gesture and a word, alter the stock-market, affect traffic delays and accidents, cause miscarriages and aneurysms, cause the paths of old lovers and enemies to cross once again, and
even bring cancer into remission. His requests for such favors are always illegal and often fatal. Those who would face him in combat suffer massive, sudden organ failures and strokes, their weapons falling into pieces around them.

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