The Terrible Golly

The Terrible Golly hates you. He was a tag-along. Some poor fucker that that was brought into a team because they knew they'd need a sacrifice. They left him there and didn't flinch as he was dragged away screaming. They didn't even bother to get his name; they knew they were deceiving a naive kid so they wouldn't have to lose a seasoned crasher.

Whatever master he has now, they must let him out occasionally. And when he's loose, fucking get out of the way. His blood becomes a poisonous gas when exposed to air and he can't feel pain (any more pain.) He wants you to suffer and he always take company with him when he goes back home. He isn't after baby rapers, but crashers and if he leaves a crasher Topside, he doesn't leave them dead, but broken.

When rumors of the Golly start moving through the community, smart crashers just get outta town.

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