Ugly Rosa Briggs

Ugly Rosa Briggs didn't have alot going for her after she lost her job as a social worker. She was ugly and poorly educated and has no discernible job skills. What she did have is compassion, ambition and a posse. Rosa stumbled across some crashers while doing social work. They appreciated her, trusted her and told her their deepest and darkest secrets.

Rosa didn't believe it at first, but as the years wore on, the evidence piled up. Taking care of crashers cost her time, money and eventually, her job. To her credit, she was able to stumble into brokering for crashers pretty easily, but her eyes were on the real power… Cheneys. Rosa started her life as a Cheney by hiring crashers to recover people "lost" in the system.

Buddy Tuppence successfully murdered his wife and got off when the evidence was grossly mishandled by the police. He was also a petty thief and an alcoholic. Lucky for him he hadn't drunk a sip the day he crashed due to improper sign placement. He won a rather large settlement from the city and that night, he celebrated by drinking himself blind, getting into a car and driving it into a concrete pylon. He had no heirs and no wife (anymore).

Buddy wasn't happy to hand over his entire settlement to Rosa, but he did it. Now Rosa is considered the best Cheney to work for. She brokers exclusively through Stubbs Wilson and prefers her crashers well-informed. She has a caring heart, but does not put herself in the position to be taken advantage of. Her sons have returned from Florida to smither for her full-time and they are not only protective, but eager to escalate tension to violence if their mom isn't around.

All Rosa's jobs so far have had the goal of making her more money and solidifying her power, however, if a good deed presented itself in the form of a crash, Rosa would be the Cheney to order it.

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