Urbdiel, The Angel Of Industrious Agency

At the very center of Shitfist Mall in Oppyloputsh, the empty, echoing building takes on an even greater chill as frost covers the linoleum; the geometry of the place breakes down, and the skylights above seem to stretch further and further up into unknown heavens far taller than a mere seven or even seventy stories. Thin spikes of steel and glass form a lattice-work which goes up forever and ever, and snow falls gently into the center of the mall. From here, audience may be taken up with Urbdiel, the Angel of Industrious Agency: an impossibly tall, alabaster, eagle-winged figure with proportions evoking a classic gray and legs shaped something like those of a vast grasshopper with human feet. The angel has no "front" to it, only two backs, always seeming to be looking directly up and away from a viewer, no matter the angle. Urbdiel is a staunch Objectivist and proponent of Ayn Rand, and carries a six-story-tall hammer made of steel, glass, ice-covered fallen leaves and marble which he uses to crush those who beg for mercy or attempt to evoke pity in any way. The various cliques of Piggy-Pig-Pigs live in terror of the blind demon, for he conscripts all those who attract his notice into suicidal service for his never-ending war against Masauwu the Skeleton Man, the Spirit of Death and the Keeper of Fire, who dwells beyond the city.

If there really is a Masauwu the Skeleton Man, nobody has ever seen him or spoken to him.

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