Weapon Damage Rating Notes
Unarmed x1
Bottle x2 improvised (-1)
Brick x2 improvised (-1)
Claws, Small x2
Knife x2
Nightstick x2
Pistol Whip x2 improvised (-1)
Pool Cue x2 improvised (-1)
Baseball Bat x3 improvised (-1)
Claws, Big x3
Machete x3
Chain x3 improvised (-1)
Claw Hammer x3 improvised (-1)
Crowbar x3 improvised (-1)
Rifle Butt x3 improvised (-1)
Sword, Small x3
Hand Axe x3 improvised (-1)
Climbing Pick x4 improvised (-1)
Fire Axe x4 improvised (-1)
Sword, Large x4
Chainsaw x6 improvised (-1), slow (-1) to Reflex rolls
9mm/ .38 x3
.44 mag/ .45 x4
.556mm x5
Shotgun, Med. + x5
Shotgun, Close x6
30.06 x6
.50 cal x7

Elements of Combat
Basic Complications
Melee Complications
Firearms Complications
Moderate Injuries
Moderate Injuries Table
Severe Injuries
Severe Injuries Table

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