Wyeth Kinneth (the Stutterer)

Urban legend among 'Crashers says that this hatchetman works for the Silent Wolf at the Crossroads, the oracular beast which lairs in the sprawl of decayed suburb that floats like an oil-slick across the Lonely Woods. As for Wyeth himself, well, he doesn't claim to be anything but a very reserved smithers working for a Cheney who wishes to remain nameless.

Whatever the case, there are no less than three separate recorded and confirmed incidences of Wyeth getting shot in the face, beheaded, burned to ash & bones, and buried.

And yet he keeps showing up Topside, hiring out crews to run weird missions and speaking very, very slowly. He never has any paperwork with him, nor any identification. Just empty pockets and a job to be 'taken on faith'. Occasionally, he'll bite his own hands and degenerate into Tourette's-like tics, always composing himself immediately and continuing his sales-pitch: giving lists of cherries, drop-points, known screws and other little tidbits of info. The real problem is, these jobs don't pay.

Which is why he keeps getting shot in the face.

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