Type: Warehouse

Entrance: Grimshaw (Hard Cherry). Downtown Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. A rusted, mold-caked access hatch to a near hundred year old water-cooling device in the basement of a historic theatre. While the hatch is "unguarded", it sits with a theatre that is open every day of the year and is equipped with basic security systems. The easiest way to enter into Grimshaw is to purchase tickets to the proper screen room when few others are viewing it (matinee, probably), enter the unlocked closet leading behind the screen, cross a room filled with the detritus of a century of theatre, climb down the stone steps, navigate the unlit catacombs beneath the stage until you find the gaping mechanism, open and climb into the beast. Unlike most cherries, Grimshaw has a rather short and direct labyrinth.

Transit Access: One known. Zoblosh is connected to a relatively remote transit locale known as the Cistern, which requires travelers to rent a small gondola and driver to navigate the expansive, columned waters. Many crashers believe it is the origin of the legend of Charon and the river Styx.

Citizens: Each citizen is a vassal to a single screw. The feral, boney vassals have no clothing, no hair and are capable of independent action only with great effort. They feed from the scraps the screws leave behind. Those vassals that are crippled by injury or exhaustion are dragged behind the screws to be further ravaged by the landscape. No citizen is above any other and there is no favoritism

Shackles: Are actual shackles. Each citizen is fettered by the neck to his or her screw. The chains are 10 to 30 feet in length and as thick as a wrist. The citizens of Zoblosh have necks near devoid of skin, glistening and ragged from the constant worrying of their collars.

Screws: The Umbilical Kings . These huge beasts are almost completely obscured by the voluminous chains connecting them to their vassals. They appear as a teeming mass of chains and vassals, always in motion. Larger Kings are nearly a town unto themselves. Mostly, Umbilical Kings roam in search of food and better territory, fighting other Kings when they think it worth the prize. The vassals serve as extensions of the Umbilical King's will. They scavenge and fight. Should a King have a reason to speak, a vassal will do so.

Despite their usual plodding gate, several crashers have discovered Umbilical Kings can move quite fast if it were to spot a threat to its territory (including vassals). The mass of iron chains hide any anatomy of the Umbilical Kings except six large, scaled, trunk-like legs without feet or toes. Umbilical Kings always have some empty shackles and are always eager to expand the population under their control.

The Place: Zoblosh is a humid jungle filled with dangerous flora and fauna. Feathered snakes slither above the canopy, cats made of smoke hunt the forest floor and spear-wielding apes wait in ambush in the trees. Carnivorous vines hang unassumingly, plump fruit will give you a predilection for necrophilia when eaten and foot-long maggots snap blindly at anything approaching their meal.

Landmarks: The Cave Remorseless

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